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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Mom's Monster Review Site

I am the owner of A Muslimah's Daily life. I decided to make a Product Review Blog to those who are looking for specific feedback on Products. This is not a professional Review blog it is more as a hobby. I hope my reviews will help moms find cool things for themselves and for their families.

 I will be review  Places & Products that I have visited or tried personally. I will also be giving links to the places where you can visit or buy if you are interested.

I grade using a 4 Smile icons
  • GOOD
  • OKAY
  • BAD

The Site is currently under construction so be sure you bookmark the site for the future.
If you have anything you would like for me to review. Please contact me 

BLOG REVIEW: A Muslimah's Daily Life

A Muslimah's Daily life is a blog about a Single mother and her 6 children. She talks about her daily life as a mother and as a new Muslim Convert. Life is not easy for her but she takes one day at a time. If you are interested you can find her blog here 

Electronic Review: MotoG CellPhone Review

MotoG is a very nice phone I recently bought. I have been eyeballing it for a few months before I

So I went ahead and bought this MotoG and I can tell you its a wonderful phone. At first I was a little concerned about the inside of the phone. You cannot take out the battery yourself. You will have to have it unscrewed by a phone dealer or anyone who is able to fix your cell phones. Also there is no SD card storage slot. Which I didn't like that much but the phone does give you 16GBs of internal storage so it is not to bad. It also gives you automatic uploading to upload websites like Skydrive and etc.

The durability of it is really good. This phone has been dropped and mishandle many times by my kids and it has not been scratched or dented. This would be a great phone for kids first time phones.
went ahead and bought it.  My mind was debating if I should go ahead and go with another Galaxy which I was growing tired because of the SD card issue.

I have checked on YOUTUBE and found these phones to be great if your stuck in the rain or if it is dropped in a puddle of water. I have even seen videos where it was left under the water for a certain amount of time and it remained working.

I am pretty impressed by this phone so I will give it despite the unremovable battery and SD card as a Excellent phone because of its durability and automatic storage to wherever you are.

Book Review: A Complete Idiots Guide To Islam

A complete Idiots Guide To Islam
This book is excellent for those who are wanting to know more about Islam. Its packed with over 400 pages of simple and in-depth explanation about Islam. If you're a new Muslimah or wanting to just study and learn about Islam this is the Book for you. I highly recommend this book for you or for friends or family who might be of interest.

You can get it here on Amazon 

Website Review: Cafemom

Cafemom has been a favorite of mine for the past 5 yrs. Its a great place to meet other moms who share the same interest as you do. There is always something to find on this site. From Pregnancy, To Marriage, To Parenting, cooking, Debates and MUCH More.

There is a good and bad about the site.
The good is its pretty easy to navigate. You have your own profile where you can select it to be private and only your friends that you choose can see it. Some groups allow you to apply or join automatically. You can also start your own group if you cant find one.

The Downside on the site is not really the site itself, It is those who are members. You will run into a few Trolls and people who have no care in what they say. But as like in all over the world you will find a few bad apples. If that doesn't bother you then check out Cafemom. I have ran into issues in the past of Racial and Religious Slurs. Even thou Cafemom says they will do something about it they usually don't. But don't let that stop you from becoming a member. If you can overlook the bad apples on the site.

Its a great place to hang out. Talk in Group discussions and Much More
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